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I first met Joy Glucksman when she represented my former wife in my divorce in 1995. Since then she has represented my current wife and I in a harassment suit filed by a mentally ill individual and represented my daughter in her divorce.   In each case I was impressed by how perceptive, empathetic, reassuring, sensible and efficient she was.  These qualities that made her a great lawyer serve her well as a mediator and arbitrator.  Over the years I have seen her in a variety of business and social situations.  People seem to gravitate towards her.  She has a way of putting people at ease so that they trust her and her advice.

Stephen N. Mills,


Software Eclectics, Inc.

Joyce Glucksman has represented our firm for several years. With 23 offices in 12 states and over 230 associates, she has assisted us in resolving employee related matters. We have had successful resolutions from mediation with EEOC, FMLA matters, severance agreements and many other matters.  She has used her mediation skills to intercede in a major conflict between two valued employees so that both were able to continue to work together for the good of the firm. She is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.  Although HR related matters that require an attorney can never be described as pleasant, she makes the experience less complicated and provides honest reassurance.  

​​Jamie Standard
The Shopping Center Group, LLC

Prepare  For Mediation  - For attorneys and their clients:  How to get ready to resolve a dispute in a confidential respectful party centered manner.

Why Emotions Matter -  Mediation seeks to settle disputes taking into account not only the facts and the law, but also, each party's emotional needs to reach a resolution that both parties can live with.

Arbitration Best Practices - ​From selection of an arbitrator through the award, these are procedural considerations and tips for a successful arbitration.

Divorce Arbitration - ​ When mediation fails or is not an option, arbitrating a divorce provides a private, faster, more economical and more individually oriented forum than a trial in  court.

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